Our Core Values


our core values

At Tim Whittle Homes we believe in living and working intentionally. Below is a sneak peek into who we are, and the set of values which determine how we do it.


It takes a little extra care and a little extra effort to achieve something that is excellent. Its an above and beyond mindset. It requires organisation and communication. It demands professionalism, great training and in all, a great attitude.


We take great pride in offering something a little bit different, from design to execution, we love to think outside the box adding flair and functionality. Our creativity extends into our problem solving and critical thinking, producing a job well done and well thought out.


This requires being approachable, connected, and in a respectful relationship with those around you. Great communication extends towards our clients, staff, sub-trades and the community. It requires transparency and organisation.


Our foundations start with family and honouring family in the way we structure our time and our staff expectations. We are passionate about each member feeling part of the TWH family, and we hold value for each individuals’ family.


We value a consistent character that is trustworthy, honest and accountable. One that can be relied upon to deliver a job with care and excellence, both in the seen and the unseen. A character that will produce what is promised and hold the client’s best interests at heart, right from the beginning.

Always learning

When we think we have ‘made it’ in some area, we stop growing. We value a lifestyle of learning and developing ourselves and our skill, this includes being teachable and open for feedback.


We value an attitude of giving. This includes giving back into community and those around us. We believe in championing the next generation. Generosity isn't just our finances, but our time, our effort and our care.


This encompasses a mindset that will go the extra mile in dedication, reliability and punctuality. It’s an attitude that never gives up even when things get hard, the priority will remain the priority.